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codeLetter Makes Tech News Fun.

Boring tech news is the f*cking worst...

So we made codeLetter.

With a team of professional writers, we make the latest news in technology easy to understand.

Whether you're a PM, Software Engineer, CTO, or Academic, codeLetter is for you.

Stop Wasting Time

Let's say you want to learn the latest in software engineering...

You go on a 2 hour long YouTube spree, an hour of Twitter (Or Threads) scrolling, and all you're left with is some mediocre information.

codeLetter is built by industry professionals, and gets you the information you need in 3 minutes or less.

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Why We Made codeLetter

codeLetter was created after YouTuber Cooper Codes (check him out) found a problem. Cooper was working hard on his YouTube channel, and realized that even with all the time he spent in the software engineering space online he still had no reliable source of consistent information.

Even as a YouTuber he was wasting time 5-10 hours a week looking through YouTube videos, Reddit feeds, Twitter threads, and more. Sound familiar?

So the idea for codeLetter was created, a news service for software engineers who need to get a quick overview of the software engineering landscape.

The main idea?

Software Engineering news in 3 minutes or less.

That's it.

codeletter has an entire team of professional writers to facilitate the research process, the writing process, and more importantly to make codeLetter fun to read for developers.

If you feel like the engineering news you get online is subpar, or doesn't suit your needs, I honestly encourage you to sign up for codeLetter. You won't regret it.

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